My name is Kenzo Miyake. I am a graphic designer graduated from Indonesia University of Bina Nusantara, Faculty of Multimedia & Communication, Visual Communication Design majors in Jakarta. Objectively, I am both an Indonesia and Japan citizen, as well as being an amateur speaker of the the Japanese language who carries a growing interest in the culture. So, i have my Indonesian name, Kenzo Yusiantoro. Subjectively, as a young designer I am interested in how the visual aesthetic of a design fuses with the emergent principles of interaction, to act as a conduit for the user and the medium. in addition to graphic design, I also like photography, and basically tend to have an interest in portrait & documentary photography.
What you see here is only photography portfolio.

—Nice to Meet you, & Feel free to contact me, Cheers!

For Rates Photography Commissions :
P : (+62) 813 11311 739
E : miyake.kenzo@yahoo.co.uk